Elektronisk körjournal

Detta är våran pryl och den är.. Den ser ut såhär och lever upp till det här.  1991 and later California standard. It is not a USA Federal standard.[17] The regulatory intent of OBD-I was to encourage auto manufacturers to design reliable emission control systems that remain effective for the vehicle’s “useful life”.[citation needed] The Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) of OBD-I vehicles can usually be found without an expensive ‘scan tool’. Each manufacturer used their own diagnostic link connector (DLC), DLC location, DTC definitions, and procedure to read the DTCs from the vehicle. DTCs from OBD-I cars are often read through the blinking patterns of the ‘Check Engine Light’ (CEL) or ‘Service Engine Soon’ (SES) light.


Enkel installation

Steg 1: Beställ Entify körjournal

Steg 2: Anslut Entify körjournal i OBD2-uttaget, i bilen

Steg 1: Beställ Entify körjournal

Varför elektronisk körjournal?

Därför att…GM’s ALDL (Assembly Line Diagnostic Link) is a General Motors proprietary onboard diagnostic interface that started with the late 1970s and early 1980s CLCC (Closed Loop Carburetor Control) and early GM EFI systems. There’s an appearance of standardization because the diagnostic jack didn’t change over the years ALDL was utilized by GM. GM North America used a proprietary 12 position Metripack 280 diagnostic jack. GM Australia Holden used a 6 position Metripack 280 diagnostic jack. The GM Europe Opel and Vauxallused a 10 position Metripack 280 diagnostic jack.[10] ALDL was not a standard. It was actually extremely fragmented. The information exchange changed with each powertrain control module (aka PCMECMECU). (A PCM integrates transmission and engine control on one Processing unit. ECM/ECU are engine control only with a separate TCM (Transmission Control Module) if needed.) While ALDL is the closest thing to standard onboard diagnostics prior to 1991 ALDL was not a standard. ALDL was even fragmented within GM brands, models, and model years. Trim levels in the same model year, division, and nameplate can use different communications. Different versions presented differences in diagnostic jack pin-outs, data protocols, and data rates (this is the reason for the ″Mask″ files needed for aftermarket software communication). Earlier versions used 160 bit/s, while later versions went up to 8192 bit/s and used bi-directional communications to the PCM or ECM/TCM.[11][12]

Om Entify

Entify bildades 2015 och har sin bas i Mullsjö. Vi är experter på körjournal och genom modern teknik förenklar vi körjorunalen. Entify ‘s målsättning är att göra körjournalen så enkel att den passar alla.